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Why don’t you see me?

 I am right before your eyes.

 We talk everyday about random things.

 There is no wall between us.

I just want to reach out and shake you,

Saying “Here I am, Here I am!”

You stand undisturbed with no expression.

Where has your mind wondered?

The birds are looking at me.

Even they can see me trying to get your attention.

They sing loudly as you glance up to them.

Can’t you even notice the beauty around you?

I saw you smile once. Your face brightly lit.

The illumination of happiness electrified could power a city.

Why can’t you smile again?

I like you when you are smiling.

How do I reach the place inside where you are hiding?

 Do I knock at the door to your heart or ring a bell in your brain?

 I will try to encourage conversation perhaps with a sweet treat to share.

 Is the way to you through your stomach?

 Wait, did you move, statue of a soldier in my garden?

 You’re not going to talk with me or share a treat are you?

 Nor will you smile again, as I thought you had once when I squinted away the bright sunlight.

 You are just a statue, made of stone.

No matter of your state, your listening skills are impeccable.

 I can always count on you to be there for me.

 This is all I really need, so atlas we will continue our friendship.

Annmarie M. Roberts