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I’m Annmarie, an Author in South Carolina

     Annmarie M. Roberts is an author, copywriter, and scriptwriter. She is a wife and mother of two. Her soul grew to love writing at a young age. In grade school, she could hardly wait to receive her first writing assignment, “What I did over summer break.” She just loved to impress her teacher with a detailed descriptive read of a summer filled with wonder and fascinating adventures, some of which were true. Writing has been her passion in one form or another ever since. “There is nothing like the power of expression through words to create a moment in time or an imaginative place to magically transport your reader,” Annmarie mused when asked about why she loves to write. When she is not working on commercial script writing, she spends time with her family and volunteers with her church in the community.

New Release

Hollywood is Not Home

Movie star Maggie Malone has a glamorous lifestyle with everything money can buy—except privacy. Hounded by the paparazzi and ridiculed for her faith, Maggie secretly struggles with severe anxiety and loneliness. All she desires is to be herself—a southern girl by birth, ranch lover by heart.

This title will be released on July 13, 2021.

My Blogs

Life as a Writer

Mid Life Mom

Drop Off / Pick Up - Car Line Hysteria If you’re like me, you’re dropping off and picking up kids at least twice a day for school.      Two schools, five days a week, that’s my route. Nothing says, “Did I have enough cups of coffee this morning?”...


See Me

Why don’t you see me?  I am right before your eyes.  We talk everyday about random things.  There is no wall between us. I just want to reach out and shake you, Saying “Here I am, Here I am!” You stand undisturbed with no expression. Where has your mind...

The Artist

Struggling to understand how your creative brain works without organization.      How does the madness of the mess in your working space find greatness amongst one sheet of discarded paper?      There it lay excellently...


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Your Content is Your Voice

My experience shines in commercial video scriptwriting, story-line scriptwriting, and product scriptwriting. I have experience in video direction, often completing video direction on a majority of my scripts.

Some of my work brought me to film and television pilot script writing, and story direction.

I truly enjoy all forms of creative writing and story-line writing.




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