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    I am a writer, wife and mother of two. My soul grew to love writing at a young age.  In elementary school, my excitement to start back to school after summer break had one focus, the paper the teacher made you write entitled, “What I did over summer break.”  I loved to impress my teacher with descriptive details of a summer filled with wonder and fascinating adventures.  Writing has been my passion ever since. There is nothing like the power of expression through words to create a moment in time or an imaginative place that your reader can be magically transported. 

    I’ve written several scripts, short stories, poems, and articles. I just finished my first novel now in final edit for publication. I love adding to my blog / article series entitled “Mid Life Mom”, describing the ups and downs of a middle-aged wife and mother with teenage children. 

    I have studied and concentrated on commercial scriptwriting and video direction for a majority of my career. I became very passionate about taking a client’s vision and transforming it into marketing video magic. Over the past years while I perfected my writing skills and raised my girls, I worked from home. My husband and I own a graphic design and printing business. I am the content writer, editor and marketing specialist. Now that my girls have grown, I am looking to work on larger projects with creative teams and film production. 

    I enjoy working as an assistant to the administrator at our church on my free time. My jobs include Director’s Assistant for Christmas Programs, and the Senior Group Luncheon Director.  I love the freedom that comes with writing.  I am able to spend quality time with my family both at home and church.

    There is nothing better than everyday life experiences to encourage a writer. I am blessed that every day in my life I have something exciting to write about!

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